Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Forklift, A Pallet Jack and a Hoist walk into the Museum...

If Superman can’t make it, how do members of the Muscarelle Museum of Art staff install a 1-ton sculpture in the Museum’s draft lobby? Answer: A lot of heavy machinery.

The arrival of the sculpture Conscious of Her Shores by exhibiting artist Jayson Lowery yesterday presented a unique challenge because it was so heavy. The sculpture is made out of marble, limestone, steel, and cast iron and the process of removing out of the trailer it arrived in and getting into the museum proper was an intricate one. Below, I have included some pictures of the installation. (Click on images below to enlarge.)

Sculpture is standing upright, attached via steel chains to be lifted out
via forklift; on the left is the artist.

Sculpture is moved to the door of the museum onto the
waiting pallet jack.

Pallet jack helps to move sculpture into the Museum's draft lobby.

The hoist then helps to place the sculpture and take it down
from the pallet jack to the plywood.

The sculpture is moved into place.


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